Fidonet is an international amateur network of computer systems, often running public access bbs's, and all connected by modem (& often via the internet as well). This site is intended to provide a repository for applications, or links to where such applications might be found, for use for Fidonet Technology Networks (FTN) systems; especially for those that do not otherwise have public project space.

  • Crashmail II - A JAM and *.MSG capable Fidonet tosser
  • JamNNTPd - an NNTP server that allows newsreaders to access a JAM messagebase
  • TinyTIC - Small, simple TIC processor
  • VIReq - SRIF File request processor

If you know of an open source Fidonet/FTN application that might find a home here and/or would like to join the project, please contact one of us about it.

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